Heart Service

Coway's Heart Winning Excellence

Complimentary Heart Service When You Lease

One of the many reasons people choose Coway

When you need us, we’ll be there. Our heart service team members will always act as fast as possible to overcome any troubleshooting, maintenanace, or installation.A speedy and caring response is our promise.



Straight to Your Door

Rain or shine, we are here to service your needs. Just schedule an appointment and wait for our team member to greet you at your door.

Ongoing product support

Our Heart Service technicians ensure product functioning through regular maintenance checks.

Your Hygiene is Our Priority

We sterilize the filters with non-harmful solutions that will sanitize and sterilize the products from bacteria, some viruses, and microorganisms.


Coway Support

We offer 4-6 months filter replacement support to everyone who lives in the vicinity of our service area. Coway covers most of the US. Click here to see if you live within the vicinity.

120,000+ Happy Customers

We have over 120,000 happy heart service customers in the US. Trusted help from our top professionals ensure you are in good hands, as long as your lease stays valid.

20+ Years of Craftsmanship

Coway has been perfecting the craft of cleaner air and water for over 20 years. Problems rarely happen but if they do, our heart service team members are your go-to specialists.

Trained Professionals

We have rigorous training methods for our heart service team members in the US. They say the customer is always right, and we couldn’t agree more. Heart Service promises quality and professionalism.


Our monthly rental fee includes:


We provide installation for all of our water purification and body care systems.

Filter Replacements

Filters are regularly replaced within the optimum 4-6 months service cycle.


Every now and then, your products will require maintenance to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Functionality Test

Regular examination of product function ensures your product to perform in the best condition.


Call us at any time during our business hours. We are here to answer your questions.